Girls First Fund: Our Why + Impacts

Recently, LOUISE JEAN embarked on our first journey to becoming and official impact partner. Continue reading to discover our why and the impact our partnership is having on a very deserving global cause.


Our Why
Throughout our journey to becoming a global business, we increasingly believe it is one of our key responsibilities to actively support initiatives that bolster progress in creating a more equal and just world. 

As a proud female-founded and led organisation that celebrates the privilege of choice, we support women and girls being given the opportunity to go after their dreams. 


After much consideration and research we came to learn of the incredible Girls First Fund, an organisation providing grants, targeted mentoring and knowledge-sharing to grassroots initiatives at the forefront of efforts to end child marriage.

In 2024 it is our aim to not only raise funds to support this wonderful organisation but to do what we do best and cultivate a meaningful connection between Girls First Fund and our valued audience. Together we hope you’ll join us in understanding the benefits of grassroots intervention and how girls all over the world are being given the opportunities they deserve thanks to Girls First Fund.


Girls First Fund’s Progress Report 

After five years of grantmaking, Girls First Fund (GFF) is proud to have contributed to tremendous progress and incredible change in preventing child marriage. To wrap up the last financial year GFF have provided an annual report including stories and statistics from 2022-2023.

Read the success stories on the Girls First Fund Annual Report