5 Modern Engagement Ring Trends

Diamonds are forever and always will be, though it's the slight variations in detail that update one generation to the next. From the latest in bezel settings to alternate stone orientations, we delve into this year's modernising refinements.


Bezel Set
For those looking to a vintage edge, a bezel setting offers a bold yet timeless design. Modernised by its uniqueness, this style is characterised by a thin metal rim holding a stone in place of a basket setting. 

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

East West Orientated
Perhaps one of the more eye-catching alterations we’re seeing is an East West Orientation. While classically, the stone of an engagement ring sits lengthways along the finger, an East West Orientation rotates the stone so that it sits lengthways across the finger creating a refreshing silhouette.

East West Set Engagement Rings

Three Stone
Although three stone rings exist as a mainstay within the Louise Jean collections, we are pleased to confirm an increase in interest in these statement designs. While emphasising the size of the centrestone, three stone rings are classically elegant and have an everlasting appeal.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Coloured Stones
From brilliantly coloured emeralds to deep blue sapphires and everything in between, coloured gemstones are certainly becoming some of the most desirable centrepieces in engagement rings. Elegantly unexpected, a coloured gemstone offers a sophisticated alternative to a diamond.

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

Statement Bands
While a solitaire engagement ring will forever remain a classic piece, statement diamond bands are establishing themselves as the bold new update. With a whole array of cuts, combinations and designs, these statement diamond rings have become a heart stopping alternative.

Statement Engagement Rings

Each of these styles are available through our Signature Process. Get in touch with our Customer Consultants to begin your engagement ring journey.