LOUISE JEAN is dedicated to providing our clientele with exceptional customer service. In the rare event that an issue may arise, we will do everything in our power to resolve such in a timely and professional manner. 

Please read these terms and conditions and understand our terms of service. By signing this contract, you agree to the terms and conditions herein. 


LOUISE JEAN bespoke and signature engagement pieces are made to order. The customer accepts the relevant production timeframe estimates for their piece. Please note that turnaround times are an approximate guide and are subject to change or delay. 


All LOUISE JEAN pieces undergo thorough quality control checks to ensure we remain consistent with our mission to produce timeless jewellery pieces. We work closely with our design team and jewellers to ensure our high-quality standards are consistent throughout the manufacturing process.


By signing this contract, the customer confirms the details outlined for their piece are true and correct. This contract is valid subject to the availability of the diamond or gemstone included herein. Upon signing, LOUISE JEAN will issue an invoice for the confirmed deposit payment amount. 

If acceptance of this contract or payment is delayed, LOUISE JEAN cannot guarantee the availability of the confirmed diamond or gemstone due to the changeability of international diamond and precious gemstone markets.

Any alterations or additions to the original proposal will incur additional charges. 

Initial deposit amounts may increase subject to the price of diamonds and precious gemstones.

Final payments are subject to customer satisfaction of the bespoke piece of jewellery outlined in the proposal. LOUISE JEAN will provide high-quality photo and/or video footage for acceptance by the clientele before issuing a request for final payments to be made.


Deposit payment is required to secure the diamonds and/or gemstones included in this contract. It is expressly agreed between parties that bespoke jewellery pieces will remain the property of LOUISE JEAN until payment is received in full. 


If payments are not made in accordance with the terms stated above, it is agreed upon between parties that LOUISE JEAN will not be held accountable for delays in clientele deadlines as a result.

If LOUISE JEAN does not receive any form of reasonable correspondence from clientele within 30 days upon completion, the piece in question will remain the property of LOUISE JEAN. Failure to provide adequate correspondence after the completion of the piece in question will thus result in forfeiture. LOUISE JEAN will not be held responsible for forfeiture based on the above conditions.

LOUISE JEAN will ensure adequate correspondence between parties to finalise obligations outlined herein. 


It is hereby agreed upon between parties that refunds for cancellations will not be honoured due to the nature of the contractual agreements outlined herein. LOUISE JEAN is not able to recoup losses incurred by purchasing on behalf of clientele. 


It is hereby agreed upon between parties that LOUISE JEAN will not be held responsible for goods in transit or damages to goods in trust. 

All goods are shipped by premium, traceable delivery services. LOUISE JEAN cannot guarantee items in transit or be held responsible for issues that may arise while goods are in transit after they have left our facilities and are out of our care. In the rare event that goods in transit arrive damaged or lost, LOUISE JEAN will endeavor to resolve any issues that arise.

All goods in trust and stones supplied to LOUISE JEAN will be handled with the utmost care by our expert jewellers. The quality of heirloom stones provided to LOUISE JEAN by the customer will be at our discretion. 

It is hereby agreed upon between parties that pre-existing micro-fractures, chips & inconsistencies in the appearance of supplied heirloom pieces, will not be considered the outcome of our manufacturing process.


It is agreed upon between parties that LOUISE JEAN shall not be held responsible for deadlines stated by the client. Goods in transit, alterations, material sourcing, client approvals for CAD designs, metal casting and stone setting are all subject to delays in production timeframes. We allow six to twelve weeks for the production of our pieces, taking into consideration the normal operation of the scenarios mentioned above. 

LOUISE JEAN will not be held responsible for delays in production timeframes for reasons that are out of our control. We recommend allowing ample time for the production of bespoke jewellery pieces when placing orders in preparation for special events.


LOUISE JEAN utilises high-quality precious metals from our trusted Australian metal supplier. Regular servicing and cleaning is recommended to maintain the overall appearance of jewellery pieces. It is hereby agreed upon between parties that LOUISE JEAN will not be held responsible for the deterioration in appearance caused by normal everyday wear.


LOUISE JEAN will provide detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings for approval prior to metal casting. In addition to this, we will provide high-quality photo and video footage of finished jewellery pieces prior to issuing requests for final payment.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser pursuant of the contract to understand and agree to all the terms of sale listed herein and to process payments, satisfy CAD drawings, final construction approvals and correspondence promptly to ensure delivery of goods within production timeframes.


LOUISE JEAN stresses the importance of confirming the correct size prior to undergoing our manufacturing process. However, we understand that this can be difficult due to the nature of the product itself, so LOUISE JEAN offers one complimentary resize for all of our bespoke engagement rings. Our complimentary resizing offer is valid within 6 months from the date that the ring was dispatched from our studio. 

Complimentary resizes are subject to the ring being within our resizing parameters. If the ring is outside of these parameters it may be necessary to re-manufacture the piece in order to maintain the structural integrity of the piece. Resizing parameters can differentiate subject to the setting style and initial size of the ring.  LOUISE JEAN will not resize one of our rings if we feel as if it will compromise the structural integrity of the ring itself.

The costs related to undergoing repairs, resizes and re-manufactures differ, subject to the metal type and setting style. 

LOUISE JEAN recognizes the logistical implications for international clients when returning a ring to our Australian studio for resizing. Should the client choose to have their ring resized locally, we strongly recommend seeking a highly trusted jeweller. Having this work done by another jeweller does render the limited lifetime warranty of the piece voided. However, LOUISE JEAN will always assist with any repairs or replacements necessary, which will henceforth be quoted on a case-by-case basis. 


For bespoke engagement Rings dispatched within 6-months that require re-manufacturing to achieve the desired size, a discounted re-manufacture rate will apply. After the initial 6-months have come to pass from the date of dispatch, our standard repairs and resizing fee structure will be in effect. 


LOUISE JEAN extends a limited lifetime warranty for bespoke jewellery pieces. This limited lifetime warranty is extended to clientele for the purpose of eliminating production faults in the rare occurrence that they are not picked up in our quality control procedures.

Cause of damage is determined by a professional assessment under microscope by our team of expert in-house jewellers. If a manufacturing issue is found, LOUISE JEAN will repair the damage without charge and cover the relevant shipping charges.

Lost, damaged, or chipped diamonds and stones are not covered under our warranty. For the very unlikely event of your focal stone falling out or becoming damaged, personal insurance is highly advised.

Manufacturing faults do not include: oxidation or faded rhodium plating, broken chains, damage or wear & tear, bent rings, earrings or earring posts.

It is a condition of our limited lifetime warranty that all LOUISE JEAN rings must be professionally serviced and cleaned every year from the date of dispatch. 

Our limited lifetime warranty is considered void if the original purchaser contracts a third-party jeweller to undertake alterations, resizing, or if signs of damage caused by extreme misuse are visible.

Jewellery repairs that are not covered by our limited lifetime warranty will incur a charge based on relative repairs undertaken to the piece to its original condition. 


It is a condition of our limited lifetime warranty that all LOUISE JEAN rings must be professionally serviced and cleaned every year from the date of dispatch. 

As part of our servicing warranty, we offer complimentary servicing on all of our engagement and wedding rings once per year. This includes stone tightening, polish and rhodium plating (for white gold or platinum pieces).

Domestic clients are responsible for organising the shipment or delivery of the piece to LOUISE JEAN, and are responsible for all associated costs.

LOUISE JEAN will organise the return shipment to your location, and this is a complimentary service.

For International clients, please see below.


For all resizing, repairs, warranty claims, and servicing, LOUISE JEAN will arrange the logistics of all international shipments to be returned to us, including all shipping labels and communication with the shipping provider. The client will be required to organise a collection or drop-off of the parcel.

LOUISE JEAN will issue an invoice for the shipping costs to send your piece back to our showroom, for which the client is responsible.

LOUISE JEAN will cover the cost of all return shipping to your destination via our chosen courier, as a part of your warranty services.

Particularly for our international clients, we understand that there will be logistical implications and shipping costs involved in returning your ring to LOUISE JEAN for a service & clean, and you may be concerned about parting with your ring for an extended time. In this instance we recommend seeking out a jeweller that is local and trusted to undertake your mandatory annual service and clean.

LOUISE JEAN has a Service & Clean Guide that you can provide to your trusted local jeweller. We ask you to send a copy of your annual service records to us, which we will keep in the Service Log for your piece. This ensures your limited lifetime warranty remains valid.

Having your piece serviced and cleaned by another jeweller doesn’t affect your warranty (only instances where there are structural changes made to your ring will void your warranty).


All cost estimates, quoting & pricing are provided in Australian Dollars (AUD). All foreign exchange conversions are calculated according to the current foreign exchange conversion at the time of transaction via Shopify. LOUISE JEAN cannot advise on foreign exchange rates.


International clients are quoted and/or charged without Australian taxes (GST).
LOUISE JEAN holds no responsibility for the advice or estimation of customs clearance and import taxes for international clients, which may vary based on the relevant local authority at the destination country.

The payment of all customs fees, duties or import taxes is the responsibility of the client. LOUISE JEAN accepts no responsibility for parcels held in customs clearance at destination countries. Communication from local customs authorities or shipping providers must be monitored by the client. If a parcel is returned to LOUISE JEAN by international customs, future attempts at shipping will be at cost to the client.