Our Diamonds

Diamonds are made of highly organised carbon atoms that are formed over billions of years deep underneath the Earth’s surface. Over the years Diamonds have become a symbol of love and commitment as they are valued for their complexity, beauty and timelessness.

Although they are not ‘rare’, Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral substance (which means only a diamond can scratch a diamond), rating a 10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. This is an important feature for an everyday ring


Ethical sourcing

Louise Jean Jewellery is committed to providing our customers with high quality fine jewellery without compromising our ethical values. We work with respected diamond suppliers whom are in compliance with the requirements of the System of Warranties and adhere to the standards established by the Kimberly Process laid down by the United Nations.

Louise Jean has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict mining, corrupt trade and the industry behind ’blood’ diamonds. We value awareness and transparency and believe in the importance of knowing where each Diamond comes from.


Brilliant Cut Profile

read more about classic Diamond Cuts


Rustic & Rose Cut Diamonds



Rose Cut Profile

(height of profile can vary)

Traditionally, Diamonds with ‘flaws’ were considered worthless and not admired or sought for their beauty. This is no longer the case and people are now appreciating the beauty that is the Rustic (or raw) Diamond. No two rustic Diamonds are the same. This is due to their complex inclusions and unique details, proving that beauty doesn’t mean perfection. These can come in a myriad of intricate shapes and sizes, the colour palettes are also as extensive and exciting. Each stone is handpicked by Louise Jean Jewellery for these reasons.

Why Rose Cut?:

  • Unique and one-of-kind (just like you)
  • Flat bottom allows for low-profile setting
  • Refracts a soft light - rather than your traditional bright brilliant cut 


LEFT: Transparent Rose Cut       -       RIGHT: Opaque Rose Cuts (Frosted White & Salt and Pepper)


Lab Grown Diamonds

Engineered Diamonds, or cultured diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using technology that replicates the conditions necessary to produce a diamond crystal above the Earth’s surface. This technology utilises two creation processes: High Pressure/Temperature and Chemical Vapour Deposition - which replicates the natural method of Diamond formation. It is also important to note the vast distinction between lab created diamonds and diamond simulants. These simulants (such as Cubic Zirconia & Moissanite) are not true carbon crystals and do not have the same chemical or physical properties


Lab Grown diamonds are optically, chemically and structurally identical to Earth-minded Diamonds, and exhibit the same visual properties of fire, scintillation, and sparkle. Due to these advanced technologies, we are creating Diamonds that are entirely free of any conflict and do not negatively harm the environment through excessive carbon emissions, land disturbances and water usage as a result of mining methods.

Unlike Earth mined Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds are in very limited supply and the process to create a Diamond is both time consuming and temperamental. The price difference is comparable however you can save up to 30% by choosing Lab grown