Symbolic of your love, promise, and commitment to one another. Our timeless
wedding bands are handcrafted to order in Australia, especially for you.
Aura CrownAura Crown

Aura Crown

From $1,950.00
Chevron RingChevron Ring

Chevron Ring

From $1,650.00
Classic CrownClassic Crown

Classic Crown

From $1,900.00
Classic RingClassic Ring

Classic Ring

From $800.00
Cleo RingCleo Ring

Cleo Ring

From $4,750.00
Contour RingContour Ring

Contour Ring

From $1,150.00
Contour Shimmer RingContour Shimmer Ring

Contour Shimmer Ring

From $2,150.00
Cuff RingCuff Ring

Cuff Ring

From $800.00
Eternal RingEternal Ring

Eternal Ring

From $2,050.00
Fluir RingFluir Ring

Fluir Ring

From $2,450.00
Glimmer RingGlimmer Ring

Glimmer Ring

From $1,550.00
Heirloom CrownHeirloom Crown

Heirloom Crown

From $1,950.00
Hera RingHera Ring

Hera Ring

From $4,750.00
Inlay RingInlay Ring

Inlay Ring

From $1,600.00
Lace RingLace Ring

Lace Ring

From $2,100.00
Orbit RingOrbit Ring

Orbit Ring

From $2,200.00
Ornate RingOrnate Ring

Ornate Ring

From $1,250.00
Petite Cleo RingPetite Cleo Ring

Petite Cleo Ring

From $3,050.00
Petite Fluir RingPetite Fluir Ring

Petite Fluir Ring

From $2,100.00
Petite Heirloom CrownPetite Heirloom Crown

Petite Heirloom Crown

From $2,150.00
Petite Hera ringPetite Hera ring

Petite Hera ring

From $3,050.00
Petite Radiance CrownPetite Radiance Crown

Petite Radiance Crown

From $2,300.00
Petite Venus RingPetite Venus Ring

Petite Venus Ring

From $3,050.00
Radiance CrownRadiance Crown

Radiance Crown

From $2,500.00
Sage RingSage Ring

Sage Ring

From $2,700.00
Sapphire Inlay RingSapphire Inlay Ring

Sapphire Inlay Ring

From $1,750.00
Shimmer RingShimmer Ring

Shimmer Ring

From $2,350.00
Spray CrownSpray Crown

Spray Crown

From $2,100.00
Stardust RingStardust Ring

Stardust Ring

From $2,000.00
Tapered CrownTapered Crown

Tapered Crown

From $2,200.00
Venus RingVenus Ring

Venus Ring

From $4,750.00