Engagement Ring Band Profiles

Each LOUISE JEAN Signature Engagement design is crafted with a half-round band which is designed to stack beautifully with our Wedding Ring styles. However, we do offer our clients the opportunity to alter their band profile and width.

For those opting for centre stones 1.5ct and larger we recommend a width of 1.8mm or 2mm. This achieves the best balance of a fine and dainty aesthetic while maintaining the structural integrity that is essential for a lifetime piece. Continue reading to learn more.

Featured above is a 2mm Square-Edge, Knife-Edge & Half-Round Band (top-bottom)

Our most popular band profile…the Half-Round band offers the appearance of a traditional round band. Designed with a rounded top section and flat sides, this profile is perfect for stacking against other LOUISE JEAN Wedding Rings.

Our Ceremonial Solitaire and Amira designs can be created in 1.6mm, 1.8mm & 2mm widths. 

Our Classic Solitaire, Cosmic Trio, Trilogy, Elara & Thea designs can be created in 1.8mm & 2mm widths. These cathedral-style designs feature beautifully tapering shoulders, which narrow as it approaches the stones.

Pavé Bands: Please note a pave band can only be applied to a 1.6mm & 1.8mm Half-Round Band profile.
Featured above is a 1.6mm Half-Round band (left)

The Square-Edge band profile is as the name suggests a squared corner band. Offering a clean and modern look, this profile showcases the true width of the band whereas a half-round band offers the illusion of a slimmer band. 

Our Ceremonial Solitaire and Amira designs can be created with a square-edge band in 1.6mm, 1.8mm & 2mm widths. 
Featured above is a 1.6mm Square-Edge band (right)

The Knife-Edge profile has been around since the 1800s but has had a recent upswing in popularity due to its unique appeal and distinct edge that catches the light. This profile is designed with a ‘knife’ or ‘peak’ top edge with flat sides similar to our Half-Round band to accommodate for ring stacking. Soft to the touch this profile is striking in design and exudes understated elegance.

Our Ceremonial Solitaire and Amira designs can be crafted in a 2mm knife-edge band. 
Featured above is a 2mm Knife-Edge band (right)

Unsure of which band profiles and widths apply to your desired Signature Engagement design? Follow the below table for guidance.

When it comes to selecting your band profile and width please bear in mind that some of our Signature Engagement designs do not accommodate all variants. Aside from this each of our engagement ring band profiles are crafted with comfort in mind and at the end of the day the choice is a matter of personal preference.