Gabi & Chad | LJ Lovers

A modern romance that turned into 8 wonderful years together, Gabi Sullivan and Chad Cross share the story of their surprise European engagement and what they look forward to most in marriage.

Tell us a little more about how you got engaged during your spectacular travels across Europe. 

We were celebrating both our 7 year anniversary and my birthday at a beautiful resort in Crete, Greece. Chad had taken me out for a surprise birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant but funnily enough I was trying to rush the dinner along and have an early night because I was so tired! Chad kept insisting we stay a little longer by continually ordering me mocktails. 

Suddenly, all the staff were singing happy birthday and began walking over to our table with a cake! I was mortified because the restaurant was full and who likes being sung happy birthday in a busy restaurant. It was a sweet gesture though so I was laughing and all of a sudden Chad was on one knee asking me to marry him and I burst into tears and said yes!

Chad is a very private person so this was the biggest surprise that he went out of his way to the hotel to organise something like this. It truly was so special and meaningful to me. The whole restaurant was cheering and that was that, the best birthday I could have ever asked for. 

How long have you been together and how did you two meet? 

Our very modern romance began when I reached out to Chad over Snapchat and I’m so glad I did because this year will be our 8th amazing year together! We first met up at a festival and have spent everyday together since. 

Chad, you originally proposed with a very special family heirloom piece, can you tell us a little more about it and what it means to you? 

This ring has been in my family for as long as I can remember. The diamonds were originally from a crown that my family found when renovating an old inn in England. My family divided up the diamonds and when the time was right it was passed down to me to use for Gabi’s engagement ring. 

It was such an honour to work with such a beautiful and special diamond, Gabi could you tell us why you chose our Ceremonial Solitaire design with an added Hidden Inlay Stone? 

We are absolutely in love with the finished piece. I am beyond happy with what you created, it’s a dream come true! I wanted something timeless when it came to my engagement ring and I chose the hidden amethyst as it’s Chads birth stone which I thought was a special and nice touch. We will potentially be adding a ruby which is my birthstone, to Chad’s wedding band to tie the two together. 

It has now been roughly 6-months since your engagement in Europe, any wedding plans on the horizon or hints as to what we may see from you two on your big day? 

I’m not in any rush but hopefully by the end of this year we will get married. We’ve always wanted a small intimate wedding with just our closest friends and family. I’m still struggling to find the perfect venue but our ideal day is a small ceremony and a fun dinner party with amazing food and a string quartet playing in a beautiful garden. 

Are there any special family traditions you will incorporate into the big day? 

No there isn’t, but for the longest time I’ve wanted my mum to walk me down the isle and I’m so excited for that moment. 

What does marriage mean to you both? 

Marriage to me means celebrating a rare bond between two human beings, I never knew a bond could feel so beautiful and so I want to celebrate that and share that with our future family. 

Gabi do you have a particular wedding ring stack you are dreaming up or a certain aesthetic/ style you’d like to achieve? 

As we have some smaller diamonds left over I potentially would love to use them for a ring similar to the Eternal Ring and pair it with the Signature Plain Ring so it’s versatile and I can wear all three rings together or just the two. 

Gabi Sullivan Partner

What are you most looking forward to on your special day? 

We are including our two sausage dogs Yoda and Pippin in our ceremony which I think will be so funny and cute (if they behave!). I’m just looking forward to having all the people who mean most to us all together and celebrating our love. And of course I cannot wait to call Chad my husband. 

What is your most fond memory of each other? 

Travelling the world together, I couldn’t choose one memory but the feeling of experiencing somewhere new for the first time side by side is so special. And he makes me laugh until I cry, I will always be so fond of those times.