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Symbolic of your love, promise, and commitment to one another.
Our timeless wedding bands and statement diamond pieces are handcrafted to order in Australia, especially for you.
From traditional to statement designs, explore our curated collections of Wedding Rings below

STATEMENT RINGS – Curate your dream statement stack with our signature LOUISE JEAN Statement Wedding Rings, all designed to complement one another. 

Your bridal stack is designed to be with you forever so why not opt for one of our eye-catching statement pieces to represent your unique love story. LOUISE JEAN statement rings consist of bold modern classics that exude an elegance that is guaranteed to stand out. Our statement rings are often worn as right-hand rings to celebrate any occasion.

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Cleo Ring

Cleo Ring

Cleo Ring


CROWN RINGS – All LOUISE JEAN Wedding crown rings are designed to curve gracefully around various engagement ring styles

Crown rings are especially perfect for those with three stone engagement rings and low-profile engagement rings. These can often be tricky to stack snug, but with the curvature crown rings provide, they are ideal for your dream wedding curation.

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Modern Classics

Pavé Rings

Translates to ‘paved’ in French. This band style refers to the way each diamond
is set closely together and secured by small beads.

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