Do I Need a Spacer Ring?

When it comes to choosing the perfect ring stack, there are several factors to consider. One such consideration is the inclusion of a spacer ring. But, what exactly is a spacer ring and why is it recommended? Read more to find out why you may need a spacer ring and its importance in creating a flawless, durable wedding ring stack.

What is a spacer ring and do I need one?
Let's take a specific example, such as the stunning Petite Cleo Ring. This particular design boasts a large stone size, which results in it sitting slightly higher off the finger compared to other rings. While this elevated position adds to its statement allure, it does pose a challenge when it comes to stacking it flush with an engagement ring. This creates a small but noticeable negative space between the rings, which may not be ideal for everyone.

However, this negative space is not the only concern to keep in mind. Long-term wear of two rings alongside each other can lead to potential scratching and wear over time. In the case of a statement wedding band with diamonds, the stones are likely to rub against the prongs of your engagement ring setting. This becomes a considerable problem as diamonds are significantly harder than gold meaning they will deteriorate the gold in your stack, causing consequent damage to the engagement ring and its delicate prongs.

To address these potential issues and ensure the longevity of your ring stack, we highly recommend considering the use of a spacer ring. A spacer ring acts as a buffer between your engagement ring and wedding band, creating more space and preventing the diamonds of the wedding band from rubbing against the prongs of your engagement ring setting. By doing so, you protect the integrity of both rings and minimise the risk of damage.

Spacer ring example

Above: The inclusion of a spacer ring (middle) allows for a more aesthetic result, minimising not only negative space but also damage to your engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Styling
When contemplating the inclusion of a spacer ring, it is vital to evaluate the specific attributes of your engagement ring. By taking into account its size, stone shape, and setting style, you can make an informed decision regarding the necessity of a spacer ring to achieve the desired look for your durable ring stack.

For instance, if your engagement ring has a higher setting or protruding stones, a spacer ring becomes significant in creating a seamless and durable stack. Large or unusually shaped stones may require additional spacing to avoid damage from the diamonds on a statement wedding band. Statement style wedding bands with larger stone sizes such as our Cleo, Luna, Hera and Venus rings, will more often need a spacer ring. 

What is a Spacer Ring?

Above: An example of a 1.6ct Radiant Solitaire that would require a spacer ring (left) and a 1ct Round solitaire that would not (right).

Choosing a spacer ring
When selecting a spacer ring, you have various options to suit your personal style. For a seamless and understated look, a simple and plain band like our Signature Plain Ring can be an excellent choice. This type of spacer ring matches your engagement ring flawlessly, maintaining a cohesive and elegant appearance.

On the other hand, if you're looking to add a touch of flair to your ring stack, you can opt for a spacer ring that incorporates stones. Our Glimmer Ring or Inlay Ring, for instance, offer a playful and eye-catching addition to your stack. These rings not only serve the purpose of spacing out your rings but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your hand.

The width of your spacer band, as well as the design you choose, should be determined by the amount of space you need to create between your rings. This consideration is particularly important for those that have lower profile engagement rings, or those who opt for large statement-style wedding bands. In these cases, a spacer band that is multiple millimetres wide may be necessary to achieve the desired separation. The Classic, Cuff, and Inlay Cuff Rings have garnered popularity for those in search of a slightly wider spacer ring, resulting in a striking, contemporary stack with a bold aesthetic.

When it comes to selecting your wedding band, bare in mind a spacer ring could be an invaluable addition to consider when building your dream ring stack. It not only addresses the issue of potential negative space between rings but also protects your precious jewellery from potential damage. Whether you choose a plain band or one adorned with stones, a spacer ring adds a practical and stylish touch to your stack.

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