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While we adore all of our LJ Lovers, this ceremony has a special place in our hearts. Louise Jean’s wonderful Senior Jewellery Consultant and CAD Designer Sian, recently wed her long term sweetheart Declan in an intimate ceremony in northern New South Wales. We steal a few moments with the happy couple to discuss their special day and of course Sian’s expertly curated wedding stack.

A very huge congratulations on your big day, we are all enormously happy for you. How does it feel to be newlyweds? 

Thank you! It feels great! We’ve been together for almost 10 years so not much has changed but there is something special about being married and getting to call Dec my husband. 

What was the aesthetic of your celebration and why did you go this direction?

We wanted the day to feel casual and relaxed, almost like a garden party with great music, lots of food and plenty of cocktails! We landed on a fairly neutral theme with pops of blue. To us it felt classic and timeless.  

Declan, how did it feel waiting for your bride to arrive?

The celebrant brought me up in front of everyone a little early and I was pacing back and forth so badly I almost wore out the ground. I was a lot more nervous than I thought I would be. I needed a few deep breaths and some encouraging words from my groomsman to try and settle.

There was a lot of emotion built up in the almost decade of our relationship, leading up to this one point. It was a lot. When Sian finally rounded the corner and came into view, my emotions got the better of me. I will always remember that moment.


Wedding Invitation

Above: Sian and Declan share their first kiss as a married couple (left), Sian and Declan's wedding invitation (right). 

Sian, you were the most beautiful bride, were you nervous or excited to walk down the aisle?

I felt really calm in the lead up to the day but the nerves definitely kicked in right before we started walking. I actually wanted to do a first look but Dec really liked the idea of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. It didn’t disappoint and I’m so glad we did it that way - it made the moment so incredibly special. 

You now wear one of the most heavenly wedding stacks we have ever seen. Can you walk us through the process of curating your favourite pieces? 

Thank you! I knew I wanted to add a Cuff Ring as a spacer to create some versatility and a more metal heavy look. For the wedding band I was looking for something that provided some additional sparkle but wouldn’t detract from my engagement ring. I love the chunkiness that the bezels add to the finished look. 

Wedding Venue Northern New South Wales

Above: Sian and Declan's modern alter over looking the valley.

One of the pieces you had custom made has inspired one of our new releases. What can you tell us about this exciting new piece?

It has! The Kismet Ring was inspired by the bezel round ring I created for myself. This ring will be available in two sizes; 0.06ct and 0.17ct and (in my opinion!) makes the perfect accompaniment to any stack. 

We also hear our diamonds had part in some very special moments on your big day. First a thoughtful gift from your husband and then your something borrowed?

I was very lucky to receive a pair of the 0.10ct Oval Diamond Studs on the morning of our wedding from Dec which I wore in my third hole and then for my something borrowed I wore a pair of drop earrings that Louise wore on her wedding day. 

Guests enjoying wedding.

Above: Guests enjoying the reception (left) Sian and Declan enjoying a quiet moment together (right).

Sian, you handmade all of your guests a ceramic coaster in place of name cards, which is such a sweet gesture. Was it important for you to have some personal touches throughout?

I love being creative and hand making the coasters was a nice way to show our appreciation for our guests who had travelled from far and wide to be there. It has been so nice visiting our loved ones post wedding and seeing the coasters sitting on their dining tables being put to good use. 

Were there any family traditions that influenced the celebration?

We’re not super traditional people and wanted to make sure the day felt like us so we didn't worry too much about those who have gone before us! 

Wedding Stack

Above: Sian's wedding stack including a radiant ceremonial solitaire and a wedding band of her own design (left), Sian and Declan making the most of a little rain (right).

Finally, did you have one object, action, tradition, event, or vendor you couldn't absolutely live without on your big day?  

The best decision we made was to take the week before the wedding off to spend some time together before the big day. It was such a special week because everything had been organised and planned already so we were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company in one of our favourite places in the world. 

Images by Paul Bamford | Finch & Oak