We cherish every story from our LJ Lovers, but there's one that holds a place in our hearts, as it features Kaylen, one of our very own Jewellery Consultants. Recently, she tied the knot with Ben in a breathtaking garden party infused with a Mediterranean feel. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of their special day and delve into the details of Kaylen's exquisite ring stack. 

Congratulations to both of you! We are truly honoured to have been a part of your special day. Let's start from the beginning. Kaylen, can you share how the two of you first crossed paths, and was there a particular moment that marked the start of your love story?

Our story began at my previous workplace, where serendipity brought us together. Gradually, we transitioned from chance encounters to intentionally crossing paths and enjoying delightful lunch dates.

After three wonderful years together, we went on a European summer trip, exploring destinations like the Amalfi Coast, the French Riviera and the Greek Islands. The pinnacle of our adventure took place in Paris, where, beneath the Eiffel Tower, Ben proposed!

How beautiful! Could you kindly share the details of the proposal and how the day went? 

The day started with an espresso and a croissant on our balcony in Paris. We spent the day visiting all the landmarks in the city. As the afternoon rolled around we decided to head to Rue Cler to get everything needed to make the best charcuterie board with the intention of having a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. As the sun was setting, Ben got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. After I gladly said yes and shed a few tears, we spent the rest of the evening enjoying the picturesque view of the Eiffel Tower lit up with shimmering lights.


Such a dreamy experience! Can you tell us about the wedding planning process and how you brought your vision to life?

Upon our return to Australia, we got serious about wedding planning. Initially, we considered a European wedding somewhere on the Mediterranean coastline, however we decided to have it in Australia to celebrate with all of our beloved family members.

Inspired by our European adventures, I envisioned an  intimate Mediterranean garden party wedding but was struggling to find a venue that hit the brief. After chatting with our LJ clients in wedding ring appointments, I was inspired to explore other potential locations. A stunning private property in the Cabarita Hinterland captured our hearts, providing the perfect European ambiance for our celebration.

How has your role as one of Louise Jean's dedicated Jewellery Consultants inspired your wedding stack?

My role as a LOUISE JEAN Jewellery Consultant inspired a timeless wedding stack with a touch of sparkle. Opting for the 0.10ct Cleo Ring as my wedding ring to pair with my Round Ceremonial Solitaire engagement ring, was a natural choice for me as the 0.10ct Cleo Ring has always been a favourite of mine.

The moment you first saw each other on your wedding day must have been truly magical. Ben, could you describe the emotions you felt when your eyes met with Kaylen?

We strayed from tradition and did a first look and private vows before the ceremony. I vividly remember standing on the beach in Cabarita with our dog (Banks) by my side and had butterflies in my stomach, feeling very excited to see my beautiful bride. I’m not a cryer but I burst into tears at the sight of Kaylen, she looked incredible with her hair flowing in the sea breeze. I was very proud and excited to marry her. 

Weddings are filled with beautiful moments. Kaylen, could you share some of your favourite moments from your special day that hold a special place in your hearts?

Our private vows and the first look, having our private alone time before the wedding was truly special. Throughout the day, the laughter and celebration with family and friends made every moment unforgettable.

In any relationship, there are unique qualities that draw you to each other. Ben, what are the top three attributes of Kaylen that you cherish the most?

I cherish Kaylen’s ability to be vulnerable and speak whatever is on her mind. Her ambition to always be better, whether it’s personally or professionally. Her calming and caring nature is such a pleasure to be around. 

As experienced newlyweds, do you have any words of advice for future brides and grooms who might be in the midst of planning their own weddings?

There are no rules so do it your own way! Focus on creating moments that resonate with you both, rather than conforming to external expectations and traditions. The day goes by so fast so make time throughout the day to have an alone moment with your partner to take it all in.