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Enter the world of Ashleigh and Jon, a couple whose journey from high school sweethearts to newlyweds culminated in a charming French Riviera-inspired wedding. Join us as we explore their heartfelt love story, Ashleigh's lovely bridal jewellery inspiration, and the exciting path ahead for this happy couple.


Warmest congratulations from everyone at LOUISE JEAN on your recent wedding! Could you share a bit about your journey together, such as how long you've been a couple and the story of how you first met?

Thank you so much! Jon and I met at a high school dance in the 9th grade. Not quite the place you'd expect to find your future husband or wife! It was more like a strobe-lit, EDM-filled hall, swarming with sweaty pre-teens and glandular fever. Jon says he saw me from across the room and it was like the world was in slow motion. He says my smile and laughter caught Jonathan's eye, as I was huddled in a group of girls.

After 30 minutes of nervous deliberation, Jon finally mustered up the courage to walk up in the middle of the school hall, and tap me on the shoulder to ask me to dance. 

We swapped Facebooks and Skypes, and continued to chat online and flirt over the summer, organising group hangs with our mutual friends just so we could spend some time with each other.

We'd love to hear about the special moment you realised you were each other's 'one.' What made it clear for you both?

For Jon, it was love at first sight on the dance floor of that school dance he says, but for me, it was a slow burn that grew deeper and deeper, so I wouldn’t say there was a defining moment for me. As soon as we met however, there was a pure and innocent part of us that knew we were meant to be together. No moment is ever without conversation, dancing or laughter between us. I’m so lucky I get to say that my first love is now also my last. Though we’ve been together for almost 11 years now, it still feels like it's been only one. 


Your French Riviera-themed wedding was truly so dreamy! Could you delve into what sparked that choice and how it added to the magic of your celebration?

Our vision for the day was a fairytale, French Riviera-inspired 3-day wedding weekend with a surprise French Discothèque.

Jon and I are each other's first and last. Having met at 15 years old, our relationship has always been influenced by a kind of innocence; a sweetness; a fairytale-like quality that we wanted to bring through on the day.

I had always dreamt of a beautiful, al-fresco reception on one long table that feels more like an intimate, candlelit dinner with friends as opposed to a more traditional, big ballroom wedding. The French Riviera inspired the location and styling. Palladio is such a beautiful, lush estate that reminded me of the ones in Antibes or Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat that I saw on my travels to France last year. A very laid back kind of luxury, with lots of green surrounds, old-world charm and a subtle opulence. There is a big French influence on my father's, Jean-Claude's, side, and I wanted to honour that through the styling, motifs, food etc.

The process of choosing a wedding band is deeply symbolic. Ashleigh, could you elaborate on why you opted for the 3.5mm Luna Ring with added Hidden Inlay Stones and the 3mm Cuff Ring as a spacer ring?

I always knew I wanted to keep my engagement ring simple and classic, and my wedding band to be a pavé statement. I was choosing closely between the gorgeous Cleo Ring by LOUISE JEAN; those ovals were something special paired with my oval engagement ring. 

However, I ultimately went with the 3.5mm Luna for something daintier on the finger. It gives me the statement that I was looking for, whilst also allowing my engagement ring to shine. The 3mm Cuff Ring was the perfect width for me; it keeps the overall stack minimal and provides the perfect protection for my other two diamond rings, preventing them from rubbing and wearing down on each other. 


What inspired Jon to choose the 6mm Classic Ring in Platinum High Polish with added Hidden Inlay Stones? 

Jon gravitated towards the Classic Ring for maximum comfortability with its more curved edges. He loved the colour and sheen of the platinum high polish, which pairs so perfectly with his go-to timepiece. 

It was actually Jon’s idea to add hidden inlay stones of both our birthstones to our wedding bands. It feels like a little secret that only we know about.

Ashleigh, we're captivated in your choice of earring stack and your selection of the Oval Diamond Necklace and 0.07ct Classic Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold as your bridal jewellery. Could you share the inspiration behind these choices and how they added a personal touch to your overall look?

The vision for my overall look was dainty and timeless. The 0.07ct Classic Tennis Bracelet was my favourite piece. I chose it in 18K White Gold to blend and further enhance the seamless look of the diamonds all the way around. I also loved my diamond ear stack, it was playful whilst still being classic.


Were there any standout vendors or specific wedding details that you would highly recommend to other couples planning their special day?

Our venue, Palladio in NSW, and our marquee and logistics vendor, White Top, were just so amazing and accommodating to work with and really did all the heavy lifting with our wedding on the day. We had to set up across four different locations on the property for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and after party, which wasn’t an easy feat! Nothing was too difficult with these vendors. They completely understood the vision and were nothing but positive and gracious throughout the entire planning process and on the day of.

Reflecting on your wedding weekend, could you share some of your favourite moments? Anything that particularly stands out as unforgettable or holds a special place in your hearts?

For me, it was Jon’s poetic vows. I didn’t expect for Jon to have written such expressive and emotional vows. He honestly put Voltaire or Yeats to shame when he told me, “You are the incarnation of every definition of love that exists in this world”. It honestly moved me beyond anything I’ve ever heard, and there was not a dry eye in the room after those vows. After planning every detail of the wedding down to the minute, it was such a beautiful thing to hear his vows for the first time in a way that made me feel so surprised and special.

Jon and I also shared a first look with each other before the ceremony started. I remember I didn’t expect for my nerves to be so high from the general wedding frenzy of the morning, and I wanted nothing more but to see Jon. My anxieties instantly melted away when he opened that door and smiled so widely at me, with tears forming in his eyes and he came to embrace me. That photo of his reaction remains one of my most treasured from the whole day.  


Finally, what are you most excited for in your future as a couple?

We are so excited to live overseas and help each other chase our dreams. Before we settle back in Sydney, buy a house and make it a home together.

Images by Jack Henry & Heart Party Studio

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