Hidden Diamond & Gem

An inlay diamond or gemstone is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your Louise Jean piece. The hidden gem represents something that is personal to you, it could be adding your partner's or children's birthstones to your ring or a sapphire to honour the ‘Something Blue’ tradition.


For engagement rings, we set the hidden stone on the inside of the band below the setting. This is to avoid certain limitations when resizing, which is more common for engagement rings than wedding bands. The placement of the hidden gem for a wedding band is more flexible. (Subject to the wedding ring design)

Our hidden gems are available in two sizes 1.2mm (Price $150) and 1.5mm (Price $170). When deciding on gem size our design consultants will guide you as to what size is best suited for your ring. Note that the 1.5mm gem is not available for all Louise Jean rings due to varying bandwidth.

We offer a wide range of hidden gem options (see below) for our pieces. Unfortunately, some stones such as opals are not suitable to be set in such a delicate way and there are also limitations to what stones we can source in these dimensions.

Hidden Gemstones are available in 1.2 and 1.5mm

– Emerald
– Ruby
– Aquamarine
– Yellow Sapphire
– Pink Tourmaline
– Blue Sapphire
– Pink Sapphire
– London Blue Topaz
– Amethyst
– Peridot
– Garnet
– White Diamond
– Champagne Diamond  



Due to the nature of setting an inlay stone, we cannot offer this customisation to already completed pieces. However, if your ring is currently in production there is a chance it can be added. Reach out to our customer consultants as soon as possible in regard to your piece if you wish to add a hidden gem to you design.

To add a hidden gem to your special piece, please reach out to our customer consultants before placing your order.