An ode to tradition.

 A hidden blue sapphire to mark a special moment in time and embrace your journey as two. Symbolic of luck, these pieces can be treasured for a lifetime and to be passed down and cherished for future generations.


 Louise Jean – Something Blue - is inspired by the symbolism of sapphires and the ‘Something Blue’ tradition. A collection of sapphire fine jewellery pieces and the option to include a hidden sapphire on the inside of your engagement ring or wedding band to honour ‘Something Blue’. These forever pieces are designed to remind the wearer of their significant other in an intimate way.

Hidden Sapphire 1.5mm
Hidden Sapphire 1.5mm
Hidden Sapphire 1.5mm
Hidden Sapphire 1.5mm

Hidden Sapphire 1.5mm



“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe”. 

Something Old; represents stability and the past.

Something New; symbolises hopefulness for the future

Something Borrowed; stands for borrowed happiness, an item that is usually lent to the bride by family or friends that symbolises eternal love.

Something Blue; symbolises purity, love, and faithfulness. Sapphires are a symbol of strength, loyalty and power.

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