Signature vs. Bespoke Process

The core of our work at LOUISE JEAN is our Signature & Bespoke Processes, which allow us to tailor each of our Signature Engagement designs to each of our clients and their own unique set of preferences or budgets. Each of our rings is made-to-order, and we may consider several pathways to help bring your dream ring to life.



If you are envisaging a beautiful solitaire design, our Bespoke Ring Builder is a digital platform that allows you to co-create your own dream ring directly on our website! Here you combine one of our two Signature Solitaire designs, with a unique diamond selected especially for you, from our carefully curated online diamond inventory.

This online diamond inventory can be viewed on our website and features hundreds of diamonds, each of which has been individually sourced based on our very strict quality parameters. To learn more about our diamond sourcing processes continue reading here.

Our online diamond inventory is limited to white diamonds, up to around the $13,000 - $15,000 AUD range. We are constantly sourcing and adding new diamonds to this collection. For our clients seeking a unique stone, such as a champagne diamond or sapphire, or those whose budgets extend beyond this amount, we source unique diamond options through our Signature Process (below).

If a diamond in our inventory catches your eye, you can add it directly to your ring! Using the Bespoke Ring Builder, you can adjust the unique features of your design, such as the solitaire setting style, metal colour, band profile & width, ring size and Bespoke Alterations such as Pavé Bands and Hidden Gems. 

After placing your order directly on our website with a 70% deposit, you will be updated with emails as your ring progresses through each stage of our manufacturing timeline!

Upon completion of your beautiful ring, our team will reach out personally to share with you a 360-degree video of the finished product.




For our clients envisaging a more complex design or a unique diamond for their Signature Solitaire, our team of dedicated consultants are here to guide you through our Signature Process, which may involve more in-depth design consultations, gemstone sourcing or CAD (Computer Aided Design) development.

Through our Signature Process, we will tailor one of our LOUISE JEAN Signature Designs uniquely to you, including selecting a beautiful centre stone suited to your individual budget and preferences.

This includes any of our three-stone designs, such as our Amira or Trilogy Ring.

For our clients whose budgets range from $5,000 - $15,000 AUD, our consultants will provide professional guidance to assist you to select the perfect centre stone from our online diamond inventory.

For those whose budgets extend beyond this, or are seeking a unique coloured diamond or gemstone, this is where we begin the treasure hunt!

Through our stone sourcing process, we work with our network of trusted suppliers from all over the world to source a selection of gemstone options that are perfectly suited to your preferences, as well as align with our very strict quality parameters.

We present these to you in a digital format, which includes 360-degree videos or imagery of each diamond, to allow you to choose the exact stone that you feel best suits your dream ring.

For our Signature Process, the production timeline begins once we have selected your unique diamond, and includes an in-depth development stage. 

Here, our designers create detailed CAD renders (Computer Aided Designs) of your unique gemstones and finalised design, which we will share with you for your approval.

Upon completion of your piece, we provide you with professional imagery & videos of the finished product, prior to sending your beautiful ring to its forever home.