Wedding Trends 2023

They say 'it's all in the details' and when it comes to a wedding this could not be more true. As traditional as the foundations of a ceremony may be, each season brings a new set of modern touches that update one year to the next. We explore some of the stand-out trends for 2023.


1. Prioritising The Party

Gone are the days when guests would attend an excessive ceremony. From this point onward it's all about the reception as the memorable event. From table-side cocktail caddies to grand desserts, it's worth the effort to ensure your guests experience that 'wow factor' right to the end.

The elaborate setting at LJ Lovers Louise & Tom's reception.

2. Classic Elegance

Think long sweeping veils, intricate lace and Grace Kelly-inspired looks; it seems this year timeless styling will be the request of every bride. What does this mean for the latest trends in fine jewellery? Well, let's just say we can expect our Heirloom Collection to be in high demand.

Left: Coco wears our Heirloom Collection. Right: LJ Lovers Alana & Luke classically styled at their wedding.

3. Statement Aisles

A trend that is perhaps less than expected would be the forthcoming of the non-traditional aisle. While classic brides have made their entrance down a linear aisle, the modern woman may travel down a curved or S-shaped aisle. As you can imagine, the effect is really quite beautiful.

Left: A LJ Lovers couple. Source: Instagram. Right: A floral lined curved aisle. Source: Pinterest

4. Sustainability

An aspect important to everyone’s everyday, it's become increasingly popular to factor in the environmental consequences of the big day itself. If it’s a direction you would like to pursue, consider opting for a pre-owned dress or working with your suppliers to ensure a plastic-free event.

5. Destination Weddings

After so many years of being confined to our homes, we hardly need an excuse to book a ticket to a dream destination. Whether it be Lake Como or Santorini this is one way to ensure your wedding day is one to remember.

6. Local Eats

With so many couples celebrating their wedding day in a special location, it can be a touching detail to celebrate the culinary successes of the region. In the interest of encouraging native flavours, why not explore what your area has to offer? 

A selection of oysters served at LJ Lovers Louise & Tom's wedding.

7. Over-The-Top Cakes

One of the bigger opportunities to personalise your big day is the theatrical cutting of the cake. Impress your guests by giving free reign to a talented artisan like Sunshine Coast local Zoe Clarke

8. Surprise and Wonder

Yes we know, it’s always hard to keep a secret, but planning an element of surprise continues to have such a memorable effect! Whether it be an extravagant dress change or of course, an elaborate fireworks display, this is a special detail that will be celebrated for years to come.

LJ Lovers Sharni & Wade watching a fireworks display at their reception.