LOUISE JEAN pieces are individually handcrafted in Australia with the utmost care from start to finish. Please see our recommendations below to ensure the longevity of your precious piece.


We believe jewellery should be loved and worn every day; however, it is important to understand that your piece is delicate in nature and crafted with precious metals and gems that are not indestructible and can be damaged with improper care.

Please read our do's and dont's to ensure the to ensure the longevity and visual appearance of your special piece.

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It is important to first ensure your ring is a perfect fit. If the ring is too loose, it is likely to move and possibly be knocked as a result.

Over the lifetime of a ring, it is inevitable that it will scratch however we recommend being mindful of all contact to your jewellery as delicate pieces can be caught on clothing or scratched and bent when lifting heavy objects.

Pavé settings are more likely to catch on certain materials so extra precaution should be taken to ensure the setting retains its integrity.


Whilst diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth and can resist scratching (except to other diamonds), they are not indestructible. When your jewellery isn’t being worn, we recommend storing your pieces individually in their original packaging in a cool, dry place to avoid contact with other diamond pieces.


The hardness of a metal is determined by the metal type and karat (9K, 14K, 18K & Platinum). For this reason, it is highly advised metals of the same karat are worn with each other to ensure the longevity and appearance of your pieces.


We offer complimentary lifetime servicing. As part of this service, your ring will be given a thorough inspection, clean, polish, and tightening of stones (if required). It is a condition of your warranty that you are required to have your ring serviced and cleaned every 12 months, by the in-house jewellers of LOUISE JEAN.

If your ring is crafted in white gold, it will require re-plating in Rhodium. Rhodium plating is included as a complimentary service with your service and clean once per year. 

You can also clean your jewellery at home by wiping it with a lint-free cloth or with warm water, mild soap, and a gentle brush.

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Quality and integrity are of the upmost importance to LOUISE JEAN. All LOUISE JEAN engagement rings and wedding bands come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the date of completion.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the piece under normal wear. If a manufacturing issue is found, LOUISE JEAN will repair the damage without charge and cover the relevant shipping charges. If the ring is noticeably bent, damaged, or shows sign of improper care upon inspection, we will repair the ring at a cost.

It is a condition of our limited lifetime warranty that all pieces must be returned to LOUISE JEAN for a complimentary professional service and clean every year from the date of dispatch. Service and cleaning can only be completed by LOUISE JEAN in-house jewellers in order for the limited lifetime warranty to remain valid.

As part of our servicing warranty, we offer complimentary servicing on all of our engagement and wedding rings once per year. This includes stone tightening, polish and rhodium plating.

Our limited lifetime warranty is considered void if this is not completed on an annual basis, and within the yearly timeframe on each occasion.

Lost, damaged, or chipped diamonds and stones are not covered under our warranty.
For the very unlikely event of your focal stone falling out or becoming damaged, personal insurance is highly advised.

All LOUISE JEAN Fine Jewellery collection pieces come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. In addition to this LOUISE JEAN offers a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. 

In order to register your LOUISE JEAN voluntary warranty, you may be required to provide personal information about yourself (such as identification or contact details), including address, email or contact number. LOUISE JEAN guarantees that your personal information will never be disclosed or used for any other purpose unless authorised, including email marketing.

In accordance with the terms of this warranty, LOUISE JEAN offers a warranty against manufacturing defects in our products for a period of six months from the date of purchase. 

This warranty covers all manufacturing faults, and does not cover damages, wear and tear, oxidisation and broken chains. 

Lost, damaged, or chipped diamonds, stones or pearls are not covered under our warranty.

Based on an assessment by our jewellers, where a manufacturing defect is identified during this period, LOUISE JEAN will offer a repair (where possible) or replacement. If a direct replacement is not available, a replacement item of equivalent value will be offered.

LOUISE JEAN reserves the right to request proof of purchase for all warranty claims.

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact us via our website.

We always recommend the purchase of an independent insurance for your LOUISE JEAN purchase. This will cover anything outside of our warranty and protect you for circumstances out of your control, such as theft. More information on insurance can be found here.