Jewellery Insurance

Whether it's an engagement ring, an heirloom piece or your wedding bands, jewellery can be a significant financial and emotional investment. Naturally, we want to ensure that these important possessions are protected. While there is no way to compensate for the emotional loss felt if a piece is lost, damaged or stolen, jewellery owners can protect themselves financially.

Most home and contents insurance policies will provide a limited level of cover for your jewellery if it is lost, accidentally damaged or stolen. If this cover is insufficient for the value of your jewellery, you may be able to apply for additional protection for specified or listed items, usually in exchange for an increased premium.

Most standard home and contents insurance policies will not cover your jewellery if you want to wear it outside of your home. If you're going to cover for this, you will need to see if your provider offers portable contents insurance, also known as personal effects insurance. This type of insurance can help cover accidental loss or damage to your jewellery when you are away from your home, anywhere in Australia.

Exclusions for your jewellery insurance will depend on the type and level of cover you choose. Ensure you are familiar with all of the terms & conditions before deciding on a policy.

To make a claim of insurance for an item or items of jewellery, you will generally need to supply proof of ownership & evidence of value.

Each Louise Jean piece comes with a formal invoice that details the specifics of your piece and the amount paid. Some insurers may also require a valuation certificate; this document describes your item of jewellery in detail and also states the value of the item. Consider using a registered valuer or one with appropriate qualifications for assessing jewellery in your local area. There is generally a fee for the creation of a valuation certificate. Some insurers may also require photographic evidence of your jewellery in your home, so be sure to take lots of detailed images of your piece.

Please keep in mind the information provided here is general only and has not taken into account your specific objectives, needs and financial situation.


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