Proposal must-have: the discreet ring box

Are you ready to start planning the perfect proposal? Of course, there are many factors that come into play before you get down on one knee and keeping the proposal a secret from the one closest to you can be a challenging task.

Even for the couples who have discussed marriage, there’s something about the surprise that makes the moment all-the-more magical.

A surprise proposal often involves secretly hiding your engagement ring, although traditional boxes for engagement rings can be bulky and difficult to transport discreetly.

To help keep your special piece hidden until the right moment, we now provide both a luxurious Ring Box and Petite Proposal Box with every LOUISE JEAN engagement ring.

The Petite Proposal Box is small and compact, the perfect pocket-sized box for a surprise proposal.

The small ring box also makes for fuss-free transportation when going on holiday, or returning your ring to our showroom for its complimentary annual clean and service.


Louise Jean Ring Box