Dakota & Brad | LJ Lovers

Recently our local LJ Lovers Dakota and Brad melted our hearts with their beautiful love story. These two first started as teenage best friends after fate brought them together during their schooling years. Since then the two have been inseparable, sharing their first kiss, getting engaged, and exchanging ‘I do's all at one very special place - Noosa National Park.

We would love to know more about the place you both shared your first kiss, said yes and I do! What is this special place? 

This place was at the Noosa National Park, it is a very special place to us, the beginning of "us" really. Brad always knew he wanted to propose to me at the Noosa National Park after we shared our first kiss there when we were just 17. Then, when Covid got in the way of our wedding plans, we thought, why not elope there too - it was perfect.  


How long have you two been together and how did you meet? 

Technically we met in primary school at St Thomas Moore, however, we became friends when we were put in the same class in high school in grade 9 at St Teresa’s, which was in 2011. We hit it off and became best friends in grade 9, talking almost every day, all the way through until grade 12 where Brad finally asked me out on a date, and after I said no twice because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, I said yes and became his girlfriend. This was over 7 years ago now! The best things are sometimes the things that scare you the most. Brad is probably one of the only men to work his way out of the friend zone too (haha). 

What were some of your favourite moments from the day? 

Brad - Seeing D for the first time and hearing her vows (even the funny unexpected parts) was my favourite.

Dakota - Was seeing Brad for the first time too and the way he looked at me, he was so calm and happy, all my nerves washed away and I just wanted to be in his arms. 


What does marriage mean to both of you?  

Brad – It means acknowledging our lifetime commitment to each other in front of our friends and family. Marriage means being not only a partner but also a husband, a dad (one day), and someone Dee can always count on. 

Dakota – I think marriage will just formalize our already strong commitment to each other. I believe marriage means being there for each other no matter what, creating a life and a family together, and growing old together. It means being a wife, it means lifting Brad up when he needs it, encouraging him, and being the mother of his children one day. 

Brad, can you tell us a little on why the Louise Jean Signature Oval Ceremonial Solitaire was the 'one' for Dakota? What are your tips for picking out an engagement ring? 

Well, I didn't really have much say in the matter to be honest - happy wife, happy life, and whatnot. Dee has loved the Louise Jean oval signature design since she laid eyes on it a few years back now. So when it was time, I knew exactly what she wanted and where to get it from. My biggest tip is to take a hint and get her the ring of her dreams because she deserves nothing less. 


Dakota, what made you say yes to the dress? 

Well, I didn't wear my actual dress on our elopement/wedding day. I wanted to save this for when all our friends and family could be present. But I picked it because Brad and I have had our favourite future little girl named picked out for quite a while now and when the dress was released, it was named after our future little girl! So I knew it was meant to be and I can't wait to wear it next year. My elopement dress was simple and classic, as soon as I saw it, I sent it to my Mum and said, this is the dress I am going to elope in - so that was just as easy too.