Ashleigh & Troy | LJ LOVERS

Ashleigh and Troy first met during their schooling years, however, sparks truly flew when fate reconnected them years later. Fast forward to now the beautiful couple has been together for 9 years with plans to be married on their 10th anniversary. Continue reading to hear all about their special proposal.


A huge congratulations on your engagement, Troy did an amazing job at planning such a beautiful proposal setting. Could you tell us a little more about the big moment?

Troy took me to a romantic surprise picnic set up under the trees where he then got down on one knee and popped the question! That moment spent together was truly special.

He had organised our good friend who is a photographer to help capture our moment whilst hiding in the bushes, it was all such a surprise! As the sun was setting we took some fun and beautiful engagement shots which I still keep sharing to this day. He had it all planned out!

Driving home next to my fiancé with our favourite music playing, our puppy on my lap, a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a Louise Jean Engagement Ring on the other was another highlight I’ll never forget.

The surprises didn’t end there, when we got home there was a beautiful trail of candles and rose petals that led to our living room where the ceiling was full of balloons! More champagne, cake, and flowers were sitting on the table where I well and truly cried more happy tears. Troy’s sister had snuck in after we left the house to help him decorate. The most romantic day I’d ever had and was full of so many emotions.

What is your vision for the wedding? Do you have a particular style in mind?

We’ve been planning an intimate setting with a beautiful view in Byron Bay for Autumn 2022. It’s such a photogenic spot and planning the mood board and styling has been a dream come true. 

It’s a romantic, timeless yet modern style with a beige and white colour palette. We’ve also got lots of greenery in our florals to tie in with the venue which speaks for itself! 

We’ve been inspired by the venue and also the engagement ring which is a yellow gold band featuring a bright oval solitaire. For us finding the best vendors who are the perfect reflection of us and the things we love is something we want to incorporate for our wedding day. Overall we want our day to be full of love and special moments with all the important people in our lives and create an atmosphere we will remember forever.

How long have you been together and how did you two meet? 

We’ve been together for over 9 years, with our wedding year being 10 years! We went to school together but never spoke to one another, Troy then moved high school where we didn’t connect until we met at a party knowing we were working for the same company. 

It’s funny to say we are high school sweethearts, 10 years has flown by. We’ve grown up together and have changed so much since we started dating and I have only fallen more in love with him every year.


Troy, we’d love to know why you chose Louise Jean to help create the perfect engagement ring. How was your experience and what made the Oval Solitaire ‘the one’ for Ashleigh?

I chose an oval solitaire for Ashleigh as I believe it's the perfect piece for her. It is nice, different and easy to stack with her future bands. I then got to customise the ring by choosing the carat size, band profile, and gold karat.

Once I knew what I wanted for her, I paid for it with my hidden bank account and got it shipped to my parents house in a special box. I then told my parent's I picked the ring and hid the package at their house until the day before the proposal.

In regards to wedding planning what has been the easiest decision? And what has been the hardest?

It wasn’t until 6 months after our engagement that we started to plan our wedding as we wanted to soak it all up. Byron Bay was always the location we wanted but it was tough looking at all the venues! We almost didn’t visit one but decided to check it out anyway. Funnily enough, as soon as we got there we knew it was the one.

The musician, our incredible coordinator, and celebrant were easy choices as well as our wedding style, florals, and guest list with all the people we love and adore.

Choosing our selection of catering has been the most difficult as we love all types of cuisine so it’s hard to just pick one! 


What is your most fond memory of each other? 

Most definitely traveling to Japan in 2017 together. It was our first overseas trip with just the two of us and we put a lot of time into researching the best places to eat and visit. It was so special and being in a foreign country, exploring it together was just so fun! Staying out late, stumbling into izakayas, eating the famous ichiran ramen and singing our hearts out in karaoke rooms are memories I’ll never forget! We loved it so much that we tried going back for Spring 2020 but COVID had other plans although keeping our eyes out for when things start to change.