Pearl Drop Charm

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Pure understated elegance, the LOUISE JEAN Pearl Drop Charm is handcrafted in our Peregian Beach workshop. Made from 9K gold and cultured freshwater pearls, this style pairs perfectly with the Petite Link and Link Hoops. 

Each pearl is unique and will vary, please see details for more information. 


Metal: Crafted in solid 9K Yellow Gold and 9K White Gold.

Dimensions: 8mm approx.

Handmade in our Peregian Beach workshop.

At Louise Jean we aspire to pair two pearls with utmost care and attention. Nonetheless, slight variations in size, hue, and contour may arise. Rather than seeking uniformity, we embrace the inherent organic character of each pearl, recognizing that no two will ever appear identical. We encourage you to view the images we provide as a helpful reference, but ultimately, cherish the uniqueness of your own pearl, and revel in its singular splendour.


Our metals: Our high-grade gold is supplied by Australia’s leading specialist of precious metals and jewellery production. The gold is sourced primarily from recycled origins, and is alloyed in-house, guaranteeing the quality of the product, traceability of supply chain, and responsible practice.

Freshwater Pearls: These magnificent gems are formed within freshwater mussels and are celebrated for their radiant lustre and exceptional quality, making them a symbol of sophistication and refinement. The process of creating freshwater pearls involves delicate care and attention, as each pearl is cultivated and nurtured over a period of several years. The result is a unique, organic gem that exudes unparalleled elegance and beauty, making it a prized addition to any fine jewelry collection.



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