Cleo Ring

The Cleo Ring is one of our most beloved statement ring styles and is offered in four different carat weights. Showcasing a series of oval diamonds, handcrafted in a shared-claw design, this piece can be worn on its own or stacked with with your engagement ring 

Cleo Oval StackLeft: 0.25ct Cleo Ring paired with a 1ct Oval Classic Solitaire. Right: 0.10ct Cleo Ring paired with a 1ct Oval Classic Solitaire.


Stone: Available in Natural Diamond or Lab-Grown Diamond (graded D-F/VS+)
Diamond size options: 
0.10ct (approx. 1.00ct) (total of 10 diamonds)
0.25ct (approx. 2.25ct) (total of 9 diamonds) 
0.40ct (approx. 3.20ct) (total of 8 diamonds) 
0.50ct (approx. 3.50ct) (total of 7 diamonds)

Metal: Available in 14K or 18K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, or Platinum
Band: Half-round band profile, width varies on chosen diamond size.

Cleo and Petite Cleo
Cleo Rings are made to order in your diamond choice and metal preference. Our Production Timelines are subject to change. If you require your ring on, or prior to a specific date, please contact us before placing your order.

Cleo stacks
Left: 0.25ct Cleo Ring paired with Radiant Ceremonial Solitaire. Right: 0.10ct Cleo Ring paired with Oval Trilogy.