Often even after being sized at a jeweller or taking an educated guess can mean the size isn't always perfect the first time. 
Incorrect ring sizes are something we have considered, and as part of the service we provide, we offer one complimentary resize of your Louise Jean piece. In some cases, there are exclusions, but this is only to protect the integrity of the piece. 

Accurate Size:

Firstly we would recommend either visiting your local jeweller or coming into our Sunshine Coast studio to have yourself accurately sized. Our ring bands are generally more dainty than the majority of jewellery brands, so this may be worth mentioning to the person measuring your finger.
It is important that we have an accurate size or nearest thereof. In the case that the size provided is not within the reasonable resize parameters a resize will not be possible. Resizing becomes impossible when the piece will either be proportionally or structurally impacted by the large adjustment in size. If a resize is deemed not possible the piece will need to be remade in the correct size. In this instance cost will apply that are determined on a case by case basis.
Please note we cannot adjust by only a 1/4 of a size (US) or 1/2 size (AU).  

Arranging the return:

Once the correct size is established delivery to the Louise Jean studio needs to be arranged. Shipping is the responsibility of the client and that all associated cost are the responsibility of the client.  We recommended two methods that you can use to return your ring to us safely.
  • Australia Post - we recommend using their Express Service with additional signature on delivery and tracking. Find more information on this service here.
  • DHL - you do not require an account to use this shipping provider. DHL is a courier service, but please ensure you include 'signature on delivery' as an additional service.

Postal address:
Returns: Louise Jean
 3/216 David Low Way
Peregian Beach, QLD 4573

Packaging the ring:

To protect your piece, we recommend either sending it the original ring box provided. Alternatively wrapping the piece and placing it inside a sturdy box. Please ensure you include all of your sender information. The original large white ribbon box does not need to be returned with the ring.

The resizing process:

This process can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks. 
To increase the ring by more than half a size requires the ring to be cut and new metal soldered into the gap. Making a ring smaller is a reasonably straightforward process compared to making it larger. When a ring is made smaller, the jeweller cuts out a small portion of the band and joins the pieces back together. After restoring the circular shape, the ring is soldered back together and cleaned of any oxidation caused during the soldering. The ring is also given a polish to smoothen its surface. When completed, there should be no indication or visible details that the ring was resized. 
Once completed, the piece is inspected, and quality is assured before being returned.