Taking it back to early February, Louise - founding director of LOUISE JEAN & husband Tom celebrated their big day on their beautiful property located along the spectacular hinterland of the Mary Valley on the Sunshine Coast. It truly was the most magical day, perfectly balanced with laughter, tears, the most amazing catering, and not to mention all of Louise & Tom's favourite people.

Overall, the day could be described as an informal event, loaded with love and signature touches. We had the pleasure of re-living this day by asking Louise & Tom a few questions about all things wedding. Continue reading about their special day below. 
Louise and Tom, can you talk more about how having an at-home wedding made the day more memorable and unique for you both? 

L: For me, this was super important. When Tom and I both decided that if we were to have a wedding, we wanted as many of our loved ones as possible to be there. Venues and their capacities made it challenging to get a balance of everything important to us. It was only fitting to have such an intimate event at our home. Home is where the heart is. 

T: Having our wedding at home meant we could orchestrate the day catered to our preferences. This applied to everything from the ceremony to the after-party.

As part of the day's events, you both shared a private first look before walking down the aisle. What made you choose to add this, and what are your thoughts on 'first looks' now post-wedding?

L: I'm quite a private person, and the thought of having so many eyes on me when I first see Tom felt a little too traditional and not my thing. There is such a build up toward the day; having that secluded moment together before it all began was very special. It made walking down the aisle less nerve-wracking so that I could take more of it in.

T: Having a first look meant it was about us. Being able to talk to each other before we were about to tie the knot was just as special as the ceremony itself. I think it really lifted the experience for me.

Having met in your early 20s, you have both seen LOUISE JEAN Jewellery grow into the brand it is today. Any advice on couples going into business together? The ups and downs?

L: Communication and trust. Running and growing a business is hard. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and support each other through those. A 'bad' day in the office doesn't equate to a 'bad' day at home.

T: Let it develop. It is so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of potentialities when you are growing a business. At times it may feel as if you are both rolling the dice into the future. Just try to remain focused on a common destination and slowly build the road together to get there. It's a team thing.

Louise, as founder and creative director, what inspired your engagement/wedding ring stack?

L: The cut of the diamond on my engagement ring is quite unique. I wanted a wedding band to match this shape but knew it would be difficult to source. Naturally, I wanted to design something different to our collection styles. I'm also more drawn to bold, chunkier styles for a wedding stack. My second ring is our Classic Ring in 4mm, which is perfect on its own if I don't feel like wearing my diamond pieces.Were there any family traditions that influenced the celebration?

T: Nope, neither Louise nor I put emphasis on traditional things. We like to run our own show.

Can you take us through what styling details you wore on your big day? (Any heirloom, custom pieces, something blue etc.)

L: My dress was a simple beauty from Vivienne Westwood. I had this altered to put a split in the side. It was heart-breaking to change at first, but I needed room to boogie! My mother gave me her ring to borrow, worn on my pinkie finger. My MIL hung a hat (belonging to her late mother) in our house to be a part of our day in spirit. For something blue, I wore sapphire earrings. I had a mix of Louise Jean pieces and some one-of-a-kind diamond jewels I designed for myself.

T: We had a garden wedding, so thankfully, a pair of chino's & a Linen shirt was all that was the full extent of the attire on the side of the groom's party.Name one object, action, tradition, event, or vendor you couldn't absolutely live without on your big day?  

L: Our wedding planner and stylist, Emma, from For Love and Living, was such an asset. Planning a wedding is not an easy feat, especially doing it at your own home. Every little detail from start to finish was perfect. It took so much stress out of the finer details, and I could not recommend her enough.

T: The catering staff were phenomenal; we couldn't recommend One Green Acre enough. Everybody in attendance sang the entire catering crew praises. They really lifted the event.

Being the foodies you both are we knew the menu would not disappoint! Please tell us a little more about the amazing vendors you had and how you incorporated these into your at-home wedding.

L: The food and drink menu was a big priority for me. Tom and I are also passionate about where our food comes from and how it's grown. The food, drinks and catering were all handled by One Green Acre, who have a garden-to-plate, authentic cooking style. They source from local growers and farmers, and the area we live in is abundant with food producers. I still dream about the oysters and slow fire-roasted beef with chimichurri.
T: If there were one thing we would go all out on, it was the food, and it definitely didn't disappoint. One Green Acre did an amazing job again. It was great to see food cooked on fire in a rather large outdoor pizza oven we had finished building for the big dayHaving worked in the wedding industry for many years, were you inspired by any particular trends or aesthetics? Tell us more about the core influences and overall theme of the day.

L: Definitely not! I think I naturally steer away from trends. If I see it everywhere, I try to go against the grain. So, I'd like to think. I drew much of my inspiration for the vibe from casual dinner garden parties (thanks to Pinterest) and honouring the landscape/season. Our beautiful home is painted light blue. So, I wanted this colour incorporated into the florals and decor. Sheridan from Fiflar had creative reign for the florals on the day also. I completely trusted her vision, and it was nothing short of magical.

Describe the aesthetic/theme of the day?

L: Country garden wedding meets balmy summer evening under the stars.

The wedding took place on your own property, thoughts/tips/advice on at-home weddings?

L: Get a planner, it's worth the investment. They will think of every little detail and ensure everything runs smoothly, not only for yourself but for all your guests.

T: Get a planner. It's a lot to manage and organise by yourself.

How did the evening end?

L: The bridal party and close friends stayed behind at the property after the buses departed. We all migrated down the paddock for a night of frivolity!