What Is Fine Jewellery?

When it comes to curating your jewellery collection, it is important to bear in mind the considerable difference between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery. Continue reading to discover the key elements that make fine jewellery so special.

What Is Fine Jewellery?
While fashion jewellery might include plated or brass materials, fine jewellery will exclusively involve precious metals and gems as standard. As a fine jewellery label, LOUISE JEAN designs are exclusively crafted from solid gold or platinum. Our gemstones and diamonds are all individually assessed to adhere to strict quality guidelines. These standards ensure a high quality and durability.

LOUISE JEAN Fine Jewellery Bracelets

Above: A selection of our fine jewellery bracelets.

What Are The Benefits Of Fine Jewellery?
Being a premium product, LOUISE JEAN fine jewellery will stand the test of time, remaining durable enough for everyday wear. Although fine jewellery, like all jewellery, remains delicate, it will not permanently oxidise or cause irritation like plated brass. Designed to last a lifetime, our LOUISE JEAN fine jewellery collection has the ability to be treasured and passed on for generations.

How To Select Fine Jewellery
When curating your fine jewellery collection the most important element to consider is a timeless aesthetic. Fine Jewellery collections are a lifetime commitment sometimes commemorating a special milestone or occasion. So when it comes to selecting a fine jewellery piece it is beneficial to choose something you can see yourself treasuring endlessly.

LOUISE JEAN Fine Jewellery Keystone Ring and Charms

Above: Our Keystone Ring (left) and a selection of our Charms Collection (right).

Have more questions?
LOUISE JEAN pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Should you come across any questions during your fine jewellery journey our Customer Consultants have a wealth of information to assist you in your selection process. 

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