Ceremonial vs. Classic Solitaire

Refined and timeless, both our Classic and Ceremonial Solitaire settings effortlessly showcase your centre stone. Continue reading to learn about the differences between these two Signature Solitaire Engagement designs.

The Ceremonial Solitaire 

Our Ceremonial Solitaire is a refined silhouette that showcases your diamond in a simple basket setting. Truly an understated and elegant design, the Ceremonial Solitaire setting is crafted with our standard 1.6mm fine half-round band and simple basket setting. We have designed this setting to sit flush with a majority of our wedding band styles allowing enough height at the bridge, for endless stacking options. Pictured below.

The Classic Solitaire

Our Classic Solitaire takes inspiration from a traditional cathedral silhouette and is reimagined for the modern woman with its fine shoulders that gracefully taper upwards as they meet the diamond centrepiece. Crafted with our standard 1.6mm fine half-round band, but with a slightly tapered finish closer to the stone. This setting is also designed to sit flush with many of our wedding band styles. Pictured below.


Are there any differences in functionality/structural integrity or is it really an aesthetic difference?

Yes and no, due to the design of our Classic Solitaire your centre stone will structurally have an added barrier that supports the rail (the seat that the diamond is set on). However, the Classic Solitaire has been designed more so with the intention of creating an aesthetically balanced setting.

If you tend to be very heavy-handed or have a larger centre stone this added support can be of benefit and something to consider, however, both the Ceremonial and Classic Solitaire settings should receive the same level of care.


What stone shapes can you set in your solitaire designs? 

We can create our solitaires in your choice of diamond/stone shape. The shape of the diamond/gemstone is an entirely personal preference.


Can you alter the band profile of your Signature Solitaire designs?

Yes, see our Bespoke Alterations blog for further info.


Which solitaire setting sits the highest off the finger?

The Ceremonial and Classic Solitaire are equal in height and are both considered as high profile designs. There are also no differences between the two solitaire settings when it comes to stacking with our Wedding Ring pieces. What can affect the dimensions of the ring, however, is the dimensions and size of your centre stone.