When deciding on the final design of your piece there are various alterations you can include to create a ring unique to you and your love story. Alterations available include the following.



Our signature band profile is a 1.6mm half-round which is designed to stack beautifully with our wedding ring styles. Alternatively, we offer our clients the opportunity to alter their band profile and width. See available band profiles and widths listed below.

  • Half-round (standard)
  • Square-edge 
  • Knife-edge
  • 1.6mm (standard)
  • 1.8mm
  • 2mm


A diamond pavé setting adds some extra sparkle to the surface of your band. Each diamond is delicately set in place with 4 small prongs, and are approximately 0.015ct each. We offer a 1/2 pavé band setting and a 3/4 pavé band setting.



A two-tone setting is where the ring is composed of two different metals. If you choose to add a two-tone setting to your ring, your ring will be crafted with platinum prongs and your choice of either a yellow or rose gold ring band. 



An inlay diamond or gemstone is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your Louise Jean piece. The hidden gem can represent something personal to you, such as your partner's or children's birthstones to your ring.

Hidden Gem Varieties include the following: 

  • Emerald 
  • Ruby 
  • Aquamarine 
  • Pink Tourmaline 
  • Blue Sapphire 
  • London Blue Topaz 
  • Amethyst 
  • Peridot 
  • Garnet
  • White Diamond
  • Champagne Diamond



An east-west orientation is created when a stone is orientated horizontally on the ring band. This orientation is usually done with elongated shapes such as emeralds, elongated cushions, radiants, marquises and ovals. 


A compass orientation is where a ring setting aligns the claws of the ring to the cardinal point of a compass. This orientation works best with square shape stones, such as a cushion, asscher, square radiant or princess cut.



Often the beauty of an engagement ring comes down to its subtle details. A hidden pavé rail is a beautiful addition for those looking for extra sparkle. Hidden pavé rails are positioned below the girdle of the diamond and are visible from the side profile of the engagement ring. 
Due to the delicate and fine nature of this element, we only offer a pavé rail on solitaires over 1.5ct.


A double-claw setting has quite a vintage-look appeal and is used to gracefully secure your diamond. This bespoke alteration is primarily an aesthetic choice and does not necessarily provide additional protection for your diamond.

Please note: 
These alterations can be added to both Signature Engagement Process and Bespoke Ring Builder pieces but cannot be added to finished rings. 

To add a Bespoke Alteration to your piece, please reach out to one of our customer consultants for further information.