Everything You Need To Know About Men's Wedding Rings

While a men’s wedding ring is comparatively more simple than a women’s wedding ring, there are still a number of variations to consider. Continue reading to gather a greater understanding of what styles and options are available within the men’s collection. 

Metal Type
In choosing a men’s wedding ring the best place to start is to determine your metal preference. At LOUISE JEAN we offer a range of metal types including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Our metals guide expands on each type in detail and expertly explains the difference between metal karats. 

It’s important to note that when it comes to a men’s wedding ring, diamond set rings are just as much a contender for men as they are for women. While we offer a range of classic and plain rings, our diamond set Inlay Cuff Ring and Keystone Ring are often chosen as a more statement option. 

Men's Wedding Band With Diamonds, Men's Knife Edge Ring

Above: Men's wedding rings with diamonds (left) and an example of the Knife Edge Ring profile (right).

LOUISE JEAN offer three classic styles with differing profiles. These include the Classic Ring, Cuff Ring and Knife Edge Ring. The Classic Ring is considered our most traditional featuring a rounded profile. Our Cuff Ring, while similar, attributes a flat profile. Alternatively boasting a distinct sharp peak, the Knife Edge Ring has proven to be a great option for those looking to avert tradition yet remain classic.

When opting for our more classic styles like our Cuff Ring, Classic Ring or Knife Edge Ring, the option to choose a band width presents itself. An excellent means of customising some of our more traditional wedding rings, LOUISE JEAN offer a range from 3mm up to 7mm.

Brushed men's wedding ring and a selection of men's wedding rings

Above: A LOUISE JEAN men's wedding band in brushed rose gold (left) and a selection of men's wedding rings (right).

While a high polish finish is most often selected and is available as standard for our Inlay Cuff Ring and Keystone Ring, LOUISE JEAN do also offer a brushed finish on a number of our styles including the Cuff Ring, Classic Ring and Knife Edge Ring. This effectively creates a matte effect suitable across all metal types.

For most of our male clients, a wedding ring is often their first piece of jewellery and therefore choosing a ring size may be a new concept. As experts in design and education we do recommend having a professional jeweller determine your ring size using a ring in a similar band width to what you are considering. Generally we recommend a fit that goes on smoothly with a little resistance over the knuckle. Traditionally a wedding ring is worn on the left hand ring finger however this varies from culture to culture.

While a local jeweller can certainly achieve this request, LOUISE JEAN also offer in person appointments at our Sunshine Coast showroom, providing the best opportunity to not only gain information but also to confirm the best size for your wedding ring.

Production Timing
As this is dependant on the style and our existing workload this is subject to change, please refer to the product page or get in touch with one of our Customer Consultants.


While choosing a wedding ring may be a life long decision, it does become more simple when broken down into smaller segments. It is important to note that when making your selection, the best result will come from remaining open minded while acknowledging your personal preferences.

At LOUISE JEAN we are mindful to maintain an aesthetic that is classic and timeless in order to present each piece as a token of eternal commitment that will last a lifetime. So take your time and enjoy the process, while knowing you are in good hands.

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