Oval Diamond Ratios

Oval diamonds are particularly loved for their elongated nature, which is not only flattering on the hand but can also give the appearance of a larger stone. While carat is the primary indicator of diamond size, when it comes to oval diamond engagement rings ratio can be just as important. Continue reading to learn more about oval diamond ratios.

Diamond ratios are calculated by dividing the length of the diamond by the width. For example if the diamond length is 10.5mm and the width is 8mm, the oval diamond ratio will be 1.3. A low ratio equates to a wider, plumper oval, and a higher ratio reveals a narrower, elongated shape. 

The dimensions of a diamond can be found on the diamond certificate. They are listed as length x width x depth. Refer to the graph below to become familiar with your preference.

Louise Jean Oval Diamond Ratios Range

Like selecting a carat, personal preference prevails when selecting an oval diamond ratio. Some prefer a plumper shape while others prefer a more elongated shape. Both aspects are beautiful and personal preference will be determined predominately by how the diamond sits on the hand.

At Louise Jean oval diamonds are selected within a particular ratio range, diamonds that achieve a true oval shape - that is, not too long or too wide. The most common range is between 1.30 - 1.50, which is illustrated above and below. While some clients may prefer diamonds outside of this ratio, these are far less abundant and can be more difficult to source.

At LOUISE JEAN we offer a range of oval diamond engagement rings from solitaire styles to three stone designs. Our Signature Engagement selection is available to browse here.