Moissanite and Carat



Moissanites are commonly referred by their dimension rather than carat.
Whilst they are visually proportionate to a Diamond, they do weigh slightly less which means a Diamond of the same proportions would have a heavier carat weight.

This is where DEW (Diamond Equivalent Weight) comes in to play.
For example, the average 1ct Round Brilliant Diamond would be approximately* 6.5mm. 
The weight would be slightly different BUT visually both stones would have the same 'top view' appearance .

In short, if you were seeking prices for a 1ct Moissanite, we would quote you for the 6.5mm (or 6mm) option.

* We say approximately as the weight can be affected by how it is cut (ie shallow, deep etc)



The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to go to a trusted jewellery store and have them measure your finger for you - we highly recommend this to avoid postage costs to return and exchange your ring. 
Alternatively you can obtain a free ring sizer from us HERE - shipping rates are calculated at checkout
All Ceremonial Rings are made to order and can be made to any size requirements. Please specify your exact size in the notes section upon checkout or alternatively you can email us with your order number and size. Custom sizing is only available for Ceremonial/made to order pieces
 Our ring sizes are commonly available for our web pieces are:
4 H 46.6mm circumference 14.9mm internal diameter 
5 J1/2 49.3mm 
internal diameter
6 L1/2 51.9mm 
internal diameter
7 N1/2 54.4mm 
internal diameter
8 P1/2 57mm 
internal diameter
If you have a specific size, please email us prior to placing your order and we will advise whether we can meet your requirements. Additional fee's for custom sizing will occur and will vary with each piece. 
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your correct ring size. We do not accept returns if the ring does not fit, only exchanges.
These are the common Necklace sizes used for our pieces. Please note that these measurements aren't exact and are dependant on your own body proportions. We recommend measuring your necklines prior purchasing a particular length.
15" This is designed to sit higher on the neckline or around the base of the neck. 
16" Sits around the hollow of the neck
17" Sits below or around the hollow of the neck
18" Sits mid-décolletage