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About Moissanite




Astral: “relating to, proceeding from, consisting of, or resembling the stars"

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral composed of silicon carbide (SiC) and was first discovered in 1893 by French Chemist, Henri Moissan at the site of a meteorite. The crystals were first mistaken for diamonds, but it was later determined to be an entirely different material all together.  This spectacular new gem was named “Moissanite” in his honour.
Due to its rarity in nature, scientists developed an innovative thermal growing process to create these silicon carbide crystals. The result is a gemstone that rivals any natural mineral for Fire, Brilliance and quality. 


We have curated our very own signature range of Moissanite -  Astral Moissanite™.
Carefully and precisely faceted, each Astral Moissanite™  is cut according to exact angles and proportions specific to Louise Jean. 


Appearance and Grading
What makes the Astral Moissanite so unique to the other brands on the market?

Our Moissanites are cut precisely to our exact specifications with the goal to create the most diamond-like alternative, not just in regards to quality but also appearance.
Certain depth percentages, cutting techniques and proportions are critical to maximising light reflection and sparkle. This is what sets our Moissanite apart from the rest!

What also makes Moissanites special is their fire and brilliance. Technically they have more sparkle than that of a diamond due to a higher refractive index (fire). Moissanites are guaranteed to never lose their optical properties or diminish in quality over time.

All Moissanites also come with a clarity rating of VVS2+ (or better) and colour grading of D/E - which means they are eye clean equivalent to the GIA's grading standard of a colourless Diamond.

Our range of Astral Moissanite™ all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty card.


People are now looking at more affordable alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement piece. This is why Moissanites are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a considerably lower price-point and flexibility - meaning you won't need to sacrifice your budget in order to achieve your desired shape and size.

Durability & Quality
Affordability doesn't equate to poor quality. Moissanites measure 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness which ranks second to a diamond, closely followed by a sapphire. The Mohs scale essentially measures the ability for a mineral/gem to withstand and resist surface scratching, making Moissanite a very suitable option for an engagement or bridal piece.


Moissanites require absolutely no mining to produce and are fantastic option for those seeking an eco-conscious gemstone. As they are grown in controlled environments using advanced technology, their origins are entirely traceable and sustainable.

Astral Moissanite™ by Louise Jean Jewellery is available in a range of shapes, sizes and cuts.