Sharni & Wade | LJ Lovers

Here at LOUISE JEAN celebrating our LJ Lovers is at the heart of what we do and as part of our newly launched online journal we would love to share these beautiful moments with you.

Our first feature is one of our beautiful newlywed LJ Lovers, Sharni & Wade, who had the most spectacular hinterland wedding. We are so honoured to have played a small part in their love story and had the pleasure of asking them a few questions around the big day. Explore below. 

Where and when did you get married? Can you tell us a little about the day?

Our day was 22.07.21 at Summergrove Estate in Carool, Tweed Hinterland and finished with 1.5 hours until the QLD/NSW border was slammed shut. The lead-up was quite stressful because of the unknown covid situation unfolding in NSW, every waking hour was spent looking at covid updates. Which was beyond draining but despite that it all was forgotten on the day, it was pure magic. 

We had a garden ceremony outside in front of our closest people minus a few due to covid restrictions. The weather was the perfect winter temperature. Following on was canapés, live music, and the reception in the barn, which was a buffet candle-lit dinner. 

 LJ Lovers Sharni and Wade, Wedding Day
In regards to wedding planning what was the easiest decision? And what was the hardest?

Easiest choice - Venue, the only venue we looked at and fell in love with. 

Hardest choice - Florals & table styling. I had an idea in my head what I wanted it to look like but to actually try to picture it all come together was hard.


Sharni what made you say yes to the dress (or jewellery)?

I had seen the Kat MWL dress once on a model from MWL and I knew that it was me ALL over. I had only that dress saved in my phone. I knew it was the one, so when I went to MWL I had that dress and four others to try on. I loved all the others but that one in particular suited me / our winter wedding vibe. 

Funny story about jewellery… I actually realised on the morning of our wedding I had forgotten to pack my wedding earrings. Which wasn't ideal because they were 10 hours away and had no way of getting to me haha. Later on, I opened my gift from Wade and it was the Louise Jean Crescendo hoop earrings from the Heirloom Collection, the perfect touch to tie it all in. I got lucky there. 

LJ Lovers Sharni & Wade Wedding

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage to me means vowing to stand by your favourite person, no matter what. Building a life that you both love and making sure it's a hell of good one. 

Wade, can you tell us a little more about Sharni’s Louise Jean Engagement Ring? What are your tips for designing/picking out an engagement ring?

I decided to design the ring because I felt it would be more sentimental and heartfelt rather than just choosing a pre-made one. It is based on two Signature Louise Jean Engagement designs that I liked and worked with her to come up with the tailored design

Tips - trust the process and the Louise Jean team, they are amazing at what they do. 

Sharni & Wade Wedding

To wrap it all up, how did the evening end?

The whole day was pure magic, despite the days leading up not being excited at all. The day could not have gone better, it went off with a bang, literally. We had fireworks, it was epic.